Garage Door Transformation

Garage Door Transformation

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One of our existing clients residing in Morningside contacted us regarding his double garage door. The door had been treated by the previous owners of the house with a very dark stain and this wasn’t going to match with the new wall colour that our client was planning to paint his house with so we advised him that we could chemically strip his existing garage door down to bare timber and we could then choose a colour that will best suit the new wall colour for his home.

The existing paint job on the garage door was very blotchy and not professionally done at all. we started to strip the door down to bare timber by hand.

Above you can see how we are able to restore the original timber on this garage door by applying our chemical stripper by hand. We do not use any electrical tools for our restoration process as tools such as grinders or belt sanders etc can cause more damage to the timber than actually doing any good. By stripping the door by hand we are able to prevent any gouge marks or imperfections in the grain of the timber where as a grinder or belt sander will definitely damage the timber if not used correctly.

We decided to use a more natural colour of sealer on the timber door as the timber came out just like new once we had completed our restoration job. The clear sealer gives the door a much fresher and newer appearance as opposed to the older dark, dull sealer that was previously used.

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