One Stop Shop For Home Renovations

One Stop Shop For Home Renovations  

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We were contacted by a family in Linden, Johannesburg that were looking for one contractor that could do several jobs at once and of course as we are a fully self contained company, we were happy to assist with the project. The clients wanted to renovate their main bedroom by giving it a much more modern look both inside and out  as well as a complete renovation to  their main bathroom. Most houses in the Linden area were built many years ago and so their appearance and finishes are very old and outdated and so we got started on transforming this old house into a modern home.

The clients wanted to do the renovation in stages so we started with the main bedroom and main bathroom.

We got started on the exterior of the house by removing very untidy shrubs outside the main bedroom windows so we could let some more light into the main bedroom and expose the wall more to give the north facing side of the house a nice clean look. The garden would later on be landscaped to complete the whole project.

We first did away with the old, steel windows by breaking them out and we then replaced them with some new, modern solid timber frames which were primed and painted white to match the rest of the house and the final look that we were after. As per the clients request, we then fitted burglar bars onto the new frames for extra security and piece of mind.

The exterior plaster finish of the house was a very outdated stipple effect  of sorts and we wanted to improve this so we prepared the existing plaster and made provisions for our new plaster which was floated smooth to create a new cleaner look with the smooth plaster finish.

We then moved our attention to the inside of the main bedroom and bathroom, we lifted the existing tired carpets in the main bedroom and they were then replaced at the end of the job with a new modern thicker carpet. The bedroom walls and built in cupboards all got a face lift by receiving a fresh coat of paint and new handles on the doors.

We then started on the main bathroom, it was at least 40 years old and had very outdated fixtures.

We gutted the bathroom completely to an empty shell, all of the rubble and all access to the bathroom was done through the bathroom window so we could avoid creating any mess inside the house.

We discovered that the existing plumbing was all galvanized piping and so we re

place d it all with new copper piping right to the geyser.

Once all of the plumbing had been completed and plastered smooth, we then rhinolited  all of the walls to create a smooth timeless finish on the walls which would later be painted with a steam resistant pva.

We then fitted new ceiling boards and finished the ceiling off with decorative polystyrene cornice.

We did away with the old chandelier and replaced it with a new unique chandelier combined with 2 new downlighters that supply sufficient light throughout the entire bathroom.

A suggestion we made to our client was to install an extractor fan over the shower as the shower was on the opposite side of the room to the window and so to prevent excessive steam while showering, we fitted a neat extractor fan which takes care of all the steam created while taking a shower

The position of the double basins remained in the same place as the existing but with all new fittings and fixtures including a fantastic hand made vanity unit with a dark ceaser stone top to which the ice white basins will be positioned onto.

The position of the toilet also remained in the same place as the existing but we did away with the existing bath and created a much more modern beach entry open shower which also makes the bathroom appear to be bigger and more spacious.

We sloped the shower floor slightly towards one end where the shower trap was installed so that the shower water will flow away effortlessly once the shower was in use. The entire bathroom floor was then tiled right into the shower enclosure for a seamless finish. We then fitted a large, toughened shower glass screen with a stabilizer bar which creates the shower area and completes the shower itself

This renovation really did create a massive transformation which will remain timeless and modern. The clients want to transform the entire house by renovating the remainder of the bathrooms and kitchen as well as replace the remainder of the existing steel window frames with solid timber frames, painted white. The plaster finish will also be made smooth so the entire house has the same finish all around

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